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Towers: TriPeaks Solitaire

Developer: XI-ART Inc.

* Free, No Ads, Unlimited *Towers Tri Peaks Solitaire (Pyramid Solitaire) is your addicting adventure in the classic solitaire world together with your friends!
If you like Free Cell, Hearts, Spider, TriPeaks, Klondike, Pyramid, Club, Diamond solitaires or mahjong games, you definitely will love this ultimate beautiful vintage style (but not a retro), classic solitaire free to play game.
How to play (standard rules for Pyramid or Tri Peaks solitaire):- you have a deck of 52 cards, shuffled off course- you have a table with three towers from the deck cards- first draw will open one card, that is a place where you need to move all cards from the table- to move card select one with value of one point higher or lower that top one, any suit- if have no cards to move, select deck to draw next card- you are in game while you have any move and time- there are up to three rounds per game, if you done 1st well, you will get 2nd, if you are lucky to done well both, welcome to the Bonus Round!Features:- addictive ad free game- excellent HD graphics- thrilling sound effects- rewards for your achievements, and big rewards for your big achievements- the game is completely free, but if you wish, you can buy any gold or silver pack to boost your experience- all-in-one friends integration: once connected to the Facebook, you will get your friends for competition, for challenge and for communication and help. Every your friend can help you with a live(heart) every hour 24/7.
Some words about the tournament:- here is no gambling, sorry, but you can win a prize- 2 player rule : you can't play tournament alone- every tournaments goes 3 days, but your patience will be rewarded with prizes, fun and challenge- help your friends with a live (heart) as soon as you want to challenge them, they will get a notification from Facebook about your attention
Some tips:- use bonuses to boost your score. For example, taking the Freeze Bonus before you play just for 250 silver coins(you can collect silver while playing), you will get the ability to freeze the timer a couple of times.- make fast combinations, Quick Hand is your friend on the way to higher score- clean up all the cards, every cleaned tower will give you more and more bonus points- keep the deck as full as possible, every card there is your bonus points- play bonus rounds, that is your biggest step to the top of the score table- play fast, time is your score points too- play smart, be the "Solitaire Champion"!
Invite as much friend as you can to get more fun and challenge more friends.You can invite your Facebook friends just inside the game, but don't hesitate to to use any other social network you now: Whatsapp, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram and so on. More friends - more fun!Our game is available for various platforms: Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon, so all of them will find our game for free.
Take part and enjoy the game of Towers: Tri Peaks Solitaire!
FACEBOOK PERMISSIONS EXPLANATIONWe will never post on your feed without your explicit intention to share your best results with your friends.(in this case you have to press special "Share" button in the game)
We asking you about two simplest permissions on Facebook:"Basic info" - to get your Facebook ID and friends list."Publish actions" - to add some game achievements to your timeline(and you can hide them from your Facebook account at any time).